S9: Economy and Foreign Investment 

Chair: Dr Anal Bhattarai, Nepal

Co chair: Dr Ranjeet Mahoto, Cyprus



This symposium “INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES IN NEPAL”, as a part of the two-day NRNA-organized Second Global Knowledge convention in Kathmandu, Nepal during October 2023. It will provide a platform for the diaspora and Nepali businessmen and scholars to present their research findings and experience and discuss the topics relevant to concurrent business opportunities and challenges in Nepal. The symposium will be conducted in a hybrid fashion combining presentations done remotely and physically at the venue. The policy recommendations from the symposium will be provided to the appropriate agencies of the Government of Nepal and relevant Nepali institutions for their review, reference, and action.

Background information

From the 2010s onward, the Nepali diaspora has witnessed a significant expansion, with the count of permanent expatriates residing in more developed regions across the globe reaching approximately 800,000 by 2022. Their collective annual income has reached around US$ 35 Billion [1]. Furthermore, at any given time, there are an estimated 2-3 million temporary migrants from Nepal, employed in various foreign countries outside of India. Nepal has one of the lowest per capita incomes in the world, and a high rate of worker emigration, resulting in diaspora remittances being a significant source of income, amounting to US$8 billion representing 24% [2] of Nepal’s GDP.

The country’s primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors are relatively underdeveloped compared to its neighboring countries. Although Nepal has abundant natural resources, it has struggled to attract significance level of investments especially Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), which is crucial for gaining access to new technologies, innovative business practices, and new markets. This Symposium will address specifically on:

  1.  Investment opportunities and challenges faced by the investors (domestic, foreign and NRNs)
  2. Proposed policy changes that the Nepalese government must incorporate in order to increase the level of investments.

Symposium Chair and Co-Chair

Analraj Bhatrai, FCA (bhattaraiar@gmail.com)

Ranjeet Mahato, PhD, FCCA (ranjeetmht@gmail.com)

[1] chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/https://digitalrepository.unm.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1089&context=nsc_research

[2] https://tradingeconomics.com/nepal/remittance-inflows-to-gdp-percent-wb-data.html#:~:text=Remittance%20inflows%20to%20GDP%20(%25),compiled%20from%20officially%20recognized%20sources.

List of CV of Session Chair

Anal Raj Bhattarai

Chair, S9: Economy and Foreign Investment 

Dr Ranjeet Mahato, Cyprus

Chair, S9: Economy and Foreign Investment