S8: Population and Public Health

Session: Population and Public Health

Chairs: Dr. Sanjeeb Sapkota

           Dr. Abhinav Vaidhya

          Dr. Pramod Dhakal

Focus Area: Health Insurance in Nepal: Challenges and Opportunities

An Overview

Though the National Health Insurance Act has been ratified by the Parliament of Nepal, regulating, paying and sustaining the health insurance are the challenges the government has been facing for its meaningful implementation. Providing effective health insurance to their citizens remains a challenge in many countries: both high income and low-income countries. Decades old health insurance systems in several countries are still unable to provide effective coverage to their citizens. The new Act on Health Insurance in Nepal has several opportunities but also hurdles and pitfalls. Further, the initiative of well-being has been globalized which constitutes the presence of positive characteristics and values. It has been discussed in the context of Nepal because Nepal has its own unique set cultures and philosophies that shed light on the field of well-being. The Population & Public Health Session will have several presentations on a variety of topics of health including on Health Insurance, Health & Well Being, Health among Youth and on Tokyo Declaration of Global Nepali Health. National expert on Health Insurance will share key determinants for successful Health Insurance in the Nation and discuss how it could be better managed. Experts on Health & Wellbeing will share experiences in integrating mind and body for the best health outcome. Key outcome of the recently concluded Global Nepali Health Conference held in Tokyo, Japan will also be shared


Dr. Subash Pyakurel (Confirmed) Founder & CEO, Health Concerns

Dr. Damodar Basaula (To-be-Confirmed), Executive Director, Health Insurance Board, Ministry of Health & Population

Dr.  Guna Raj Lohani (To-be-confirmed), Former addition secretary of Ministry of Health, Former Executive Director of Health insurance board and Director General of health Service 

Dr. Pramod Dhakal (To-be-confirmed), Health Wellness Expert

Welcome Remarks by:

Dr. Sanjeeb Sapkota

Chair, Global Health Committee, NRNA


Dr. Sagar Poudel,  Community Physician and Public Health Expert

Dr. Abhinav Vaidhya, Professor of Community Medicine at Kathmandu Medical College

List of CV

Dr Pramod Dhakal, Nepal