S2: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Draft Symposium Program Outline and Schedule
SYMPOSIUM: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Third NRN Global Knowledge Convention
October 17 and 18, 2023
Soaltee Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal, and by Virtual Connection

An Overview

Agriculture is the mainstay of Nepalese economy, food security and major source of peoples’ livelihood and export earnings. The latest 2021 agricultural census show that over half of the population in Nepal is still engaged in farming and the agriculture sector contributes to about one fourth of the country’s GDP. Despite the efforts of past 6 decades of agricultural development in Nepal, the sector is not being able to meet the increasing food demands of the people, generate sufficient income and employment opportunities within the country. Thus, the country is increasingly importing a huge quantity of agrifood products regularly from overseas to meet its national food security needs and a large section of youth  are migrating out of the country  to look for better earnings and employment opportunities. Furthermore, recently the country is suffering from the environmental problems, such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, and soil degradation including impact of recent global shocks (war in Ukraine) and pandemics, that are posing threats to increasing production, productivity and preserving environment and human livelihoods. The current pattern of agri-food systems has eroded biodiversity, exacerbated inequality, increased pollution, reduced food safety and propelled unsustainable production and consumption. Recent development in globalization, liberalization and cultural changes and lack of adequate public support and incentive mechanisms in place, agriculture is becoming less attractive profession among youths despite its potential roles in income generation, livelihood improvement, and fostering overall socio-economic development in Nepal. Furthermore, rapid urbanization, increasing population growth and changing consumption patterns are becoming major challenges to develop resilient and sustainable development of agriculture. Being a poor land locked and mountainous developing country with low technological base, Nepal is marred by additional challenges such as  low productivity, low value addition, frequent climatic shocks, lack of adequate market infrastructure, high production costs, low level of mechanization and weak linkages with industries in its efforts for the transformation of agrifood system.

In this context, it is unlikely that countries will achieve zero hunger, reduce poverty, protect the environment, and meet the targets of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as national goals of achieving self-reliance in food production by 2030. In this context, an integrated holistic and sustainable approaches are needed that consider economic, social, and environmental factors, and that brings key actors of agrifood system together in maintaining sustainable agriculture and ensure nutritious food and sustainable livelihoods for all without damaging natural resources and environment that are essential in maintaining sustainability of agrifood system.


This Symposium provide a platform for the diaspora and Nepali professionals and scholars to present their research findings and experience and discuss the topics relevant to food security and sustainable agricultural development opportunities and challenges in the context of emerging multiple crisis and shocks in Nepal. The specific objectives of the symposium are:

  • Production and marketing challenges in agriculture and food security and opportunities for sustainable transformation of agrifood system in Nepal.

Proposed recommendations, priority actions and options for sustainable agricultural development and enhancing food and nutrition security of the people in Nepal.

List of CV of Session Chair

Brief CV of Bhushan Shrestha

Chair, S2: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Brief CV of  Dr Devendra Gauchan

Chair, S2: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Brief CV of  Dr. Surya Bhattarai

Chair, S2: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security