3rd NRN Global Knowledge Convention

Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) organizes Global Knowledge Convention every two years. The first convention was held in 2018 and following 2nd successive convention in 2020, the 3rd GKC is going to be organized on 17th to 18th October 2023, in Kathmandu, Nepal with theme; Science, Technology, Innovation and Investment for Socio-economic Development of Nepal. The convention’s broad and long-term objectives remain the same which is to provide a common forum for both diaspora and Nepali professionals from various fields to share and exchange their knowledge, R&D innovation, expertise, networking, experiences, and work in partnerships in Nepal’s development projects. Such a forum will work as a conduit between global and Nepal professional institutions to help Nepal’s outreach to the global knowledge pool and in transforming Nepal to a knowledge-based economy.

The theme of the convention is shaped by Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations. The event has 4 plenary sessions; Road Map to Nepal’s Future Economy, S&T Investment, Policies, Collaboration and Commercialization, Future IT and Digital Technology – Nepal Positioning, Sustainable Infrastructure, Agriculture, and Alternate Energy and 11 scientific symposium: Smart and Sustainable Urban Development, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security, Sustainable Environment, Disaster and Risk Management, Renewable Energy, Biotechnology and Commercial Opportunity, S&T Investment and Policies, Disruptive Digital and AI Technology, Population and Public Health, Economy and Foreign Investment, Sustainable Transportation and Construction Materials, and Foreign Employment and Vocational Technical Education.

Although the focus of the 3rd GKC is on emerging technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Green Energy, and Digital Technologies and their application in Agriculture, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Urban planning, Finance to Heath sectors, the conference will also review the overall progress of the follow-up of recommendations of previous convention. The convention will bring the experts and Nepali stakeholders (GoN, Ministry of Education, Science & Technology, National Planning Commission, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, Universities, Alumni Association, Research Centres, International Organizations, Private Sectors, Industries, Start-ups, and Innovators) together to explore the areas of collaboration and interest for sustainable knowledge and skill based economy development.

Abstract Submission Deadline : 15 Sept, 2023

Email us at knowledge@nrna.org

1st NRN Global Knowledge Convention Video Footage

Our Past Events

1st NRN Global Knowledge Convention

The 1st NRN Global Knowledge Convention was organized by the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) in partnership with the Government of Nepal (GoN) on 12-14 October 2018 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Education and research institutes, private sector and various stakeholders were the convention supporters. The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Nepal Mr KP Oli inaugurated the convention on the evening of 12 October. This convention brought together experts from Nepal, Nepali diaspora and international community to share their knowledge and expertise, to develop networking and collaboration, and to share their experiences and eventually develop an action plan to help Nepal move towards knowledge-based economy.

The convention comprised of 27 sessions on 4 plenary and 15 symposium topics including science and technology policy, knowledge-based economy, innovation and technology transfer, infrastructure, sustainable energy, disaster management, physical sciences, health, agriculture, education, environment, good governance, social security and finance. A total of 166 experts presented their papers and 78 distinguished panel members gave their input on wide varieties of subjects. About 500 participants from 21 countries attended this convention. The booklet of abstracts and summary-recommendations have already been published and can be downloaded by clicking the following links:
• Link to download Summary And Recommendations
• Link to download Abstract book

2nd NRN Global Knowledge Convention

NRNA organized the 2nd NRN Global Knowledge Convention from 09-11 October 2020 in Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Nepal. Similar to the first one, this convention was co-organized with the Government of Nepal. Prime Minister of Nepal the Rt. Honorable KP Oli inaugurated the convention on 09 October 2020. Because of COVID-19 pandemic, the entire convention was organized in all online formats. Unlike the 1st Convention, we expanded the scope of this Convention and its horizon through direct collaboration with crucial stakeholders of Nepal such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, National Planning Commission of Nepal, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, Educational Institutions, Private Sectors and Innovators. This direct collaboration is expected to reduce the barrier for implementing the recommendation of the 2nd Convention.

The challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic and opportunities associated with it was made one of the central themes of the Convention. The convention also used Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations and the 15th five-year plan of the National Planning Commission of Nepal to shape its objectives and goals. The focus of the convention was guided by four overarching themes: In-house Innovation for Societal Changes, Science, Technology & Innovation Policy, Startups and Commercialization, Digitalized Economy. The convention was organized in four plenary sessions, fifteen symposium sessions and three special sessions. A total of 210 papers were presented and 90 experts commented on the papers. The presentations were delivered over 80 hours. Twenty-Five experts from the international scientific community from sixteen countries and diaspora experts from thirty countries presented their papers. Prior to the 2nd NRN Global Knowledge Convention, four regional knowledge conferences were organized in Oceania, Asia Pacific, Europe and Americas regions. The booklet of abstracts and summary-recommendations of convention have already been published and can be downloaded by clicking the following links:
• Link to download Summary and Recommendations
• Link to view Program and Abstract Book


Plenary Sessions

P1: Road Map to Nepal's Future Economy

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P3: Future IT and Digital Technology- Nepal Positioning

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P2: Science, Technology, Investment, Innovation, Collaboration & Commercialization

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P4: Sustainable Infrastructure, Agriculture and Alternate Energy

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